Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Present To You an FO

You know, I can really appreciate blogging. It seems to make a girl do what she said she would. I have actually finished these pants in a week's time, because I said I would. Let's see if this type of trend continues. I have LOTS of sock yarn. Maybe this is just the thing to get it out of the bag and onto the needles, and then off the needles and onto some feet. ;)

The ruffles on the behind were fun and interesting. The next time I make a pair in this style, I won't take the ruffles all the way to the sides. Do you see how they stick out? It's hard to know how a thing will look without a model. I might love how they stick out on a baby. Oh well, someone will just have to buy them and send me a picture.

I had to weave in 33 ends. I like how the pants look inside out. Someone asked me the other day if they could be worn inside out. Well, no. Maybe some day I will make them in garter stitch.

As I said yesterday, I will list them in etsy today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. I have a pair of booties for which I need to make a matching hat (I haven't even cast on yet). I will put it in writing now that I will make it today. There. That settles it -- maybe?

Have a good Wednesday.

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