Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Hopeful...

...that this is how the yarn that I dyed yesterday has turned out. The yarn shown here is Baby Ull and, of course, is not fingering weight. Considering that, yesterday's dye job may actually have two complete rows of each color. I will have to knit up a sample once it's dry. I will probably just post pics of all dyed yarn together one day soon. By the way, my monitor shows the colors of this yarn as green and a sort of light navy . The yarn is more of an olive and navy with different variations of the same color throughout--just in case anyone was wondering. =)

I was out in the garage yesterday doing the work of a mad scientist.... Well, maybe not mad, but more of a happy scientist. I mad scientist laughs like this ...Mwahahaha . I don't know how a happy scientist would laugh, so I guess that I'll just laugh as normal. I used these little medicine droppers that have carried over from the times that the kids were on antibiotics to measure the dye and make new colors. I'm glad that I kept them.

I finished knitting the black and white striped baby pants with the aqua ruffle on the back. I've got to sew them together. Not sure when that will get done. Hopefully soon. Have a Happy Wednesday!

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