Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jazz-Up a Bag

This simple tutorial is being provided as a boost to get back to blogging. I've never been a wishy-washy kind of person, who says one thing and does another. Running a business sometimes causes me to look at say "what am I doing" "is this working" " is anyone reading", does anyone care" and then I think "maybe they are , maybe they do"-- and so I'm back.
Embellished bags make a quick and fairly inexpensive gift that is easily received. Before you begin, check around your house and see what you already have and make a note of the items that you need. You will need:
1) A denim bag
2) Heat Bond (No Sew)
3) Fabric (scraps work great for this)
4) Letters in the font that you prefer
5) Scissors
6) Pencil
7) Iron
Trace the letters on the wrong (bumpy) side of the Heat Bond. Make sure to copy them from the opposite side of the print-out, if you did not print them as a mirror-image.

Iron the Heat Bonded letters onto the fabric following the manufacturers directions and cut out the letters. It is much easier to cut the letters with exactness if you leave a bit of unused space around them.

Peel off the paper backing and arrange letters to your specifications and iron them on following the directions on the Heat Bond.

That's it! You may further embellish however you would like. I had some crystal letters and decided to bling it up a little bit. Disclaimer--this was not made for a child under the age of 12 CPSIA people!

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