Thursday, April 22, 2010

One For Me

I now know why box bags are all the rage! This little bag makes me smile. I love the print and the beautiful and vibrant colors. My knitting is normally carried around in a Ziplock bag. For one thing, I like seeing what I'm grabbing as I run out for travel knitting. Travel knitting is done while I wait in the car loop when picking a kid up from school, taking my husband to work (he drives), the commute to church (he also drives), not to mention any long distance travel. The more practical purpose was to ensure that no harm comes to my yarn or knitted garment. . . no spills, no grass, no dirt, etc... Of course, this little bag is able to function in this manner and look cute while doing it. Sorry, Ziplock, you're going to have to stick to leftovers.

Do you wonder why my two-at-a-time toe-up socks are now one-at-a-time? Or maybe, I should call them two-at-some of the time toe-up socks. My knitting fingers are very sensitive to weight. I notice that If I'm sitting on the yarn, or if it gets caught on something my gauge gets off terribly. Well, I think that the weight of the other sock was messing with me. I had these huge gaps after knitting the short-row heels (mentioned and pictured in the last post). Anyway, I picked up three additional stitches in the ditch and still had a big ugly hole. I frogged it twice, and alas, STILL there was a hole. Thus, the more serious surgery HAD to be done, I had no choice but to separate my siamese twins (that is how I often thought of them when they were on the same circ). Now, I have two separate and thankfully normal socks. They made it through the procedure without any difficulties and should now grow to maturity as all healthy socks would.

The knitting has begun on a new baby garment. If I stay on course, I will post pictures next week. Have a Terrific Thursday!

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  1. What a cute bag! I love your fabric choices.


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