Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been Sewin'

Since my last post, I've not done much else other than sew. Several of my items are now on sale at a local boutique. Nothing is selling on Etsy, and so even these bags will not be listed there. I am so grateful for sales from friends and acquaintances. They keep me encouraged. I think I do better locally because people can actually see the workmanship and quality that I put into everything that I make. If that is not the reason, then who knows?

The weather here has been unbelievable. We had an awful thunder/hailstorm on Sunday. When you drive around today, you see lots and lots of blue tarp on roofs. There are many windows boarded and many car windows taped with plastic. The hail was almost to your knees in one area of my mother-in-law's neighborhood. After the storm, there was so much hail, it looked as if it had snowed. Pretty strange. We call it "end-time" weather.

I have finished knitting one of my some-of-the-time toe-up socks. I tried to cast off using size 6 needles and it was still too tight. I'm going to find a stretchy cast off sometime today on the internet. I will post pics when I'm done with the second sock. Who knows will that will be.... Second Sock Syndrome is hovering.

Have a happy day!!

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