Thursday, August 5, 2010

How I Closed the Gap After Binding Off Toe Up Socks: A Tutorial

You know how you get that unsightly gap when knitting in the round? It appears at the top of the cuff on socks whether they are knit toe-up or cuff-down. When knitting socks from the cuff down, I always knit the first 3-4 stitches with both the working yarn and the tail. The extra bulk eliminates the gap, and the top of the sock appears symmetrical.

Take a look at my first picture. Don't be afraid to look. Just look at that ugly gap that would want to make your lovely hand knits socks look retarded and make the non-knitters in your life prefer store bought socks. When binding off toe-up socks, (I used
Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off), all you have is the working yarn . You might find yourself in a dilemma. I know that you want to prove to all of your non-knitting friends that hand knit socks are something to drool over and not cringe at. I'm here for you and here is my solution. It is a common crochet technique.

Once you have fastened off your yarn. Leave a tail as long as desired for weaving. If this is new to you--about 5 inches.

Next, after threading yarn into your tapestry needle, you will insert the needle under both loops of the second bound-off stitch to the left . Note the helpful numbers that have been inserted into the picture--thanks Picasa. Draw the yarn through from front to back.

Now you will bring the needle back to the front and insert it under both loops of the last bound off stitch (also front to back). This stitch is actually where you fastened off.

This is how it looks before tightening--kind of like the number 8 if you were looking down at it.

There you have it! After pulling the yarn through, you will have a gapless, symmetrical end to your toe-up sock. All of your friends will marvel 'cause you are a toe-up sock knitting wonder!
I hope this little tutorial is helpful. If you have questions, leave a comment. Have a GRRRREAT Day!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I always wonder how to eliminate that when knitting in the round.

  2. Hey Andrea!! My pleasure ;-)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I saw a similar pic tutorial on how to do that back when I was first learning to knit. I bookmarked it (I thought!) for future reference, as I'd not yet knit anything in the round. Later, when I needed the info, I could never find it, or anything that demonstrates what to do as clearly as you have. Your photographs are fantastic, and your instructions so clear. :-)


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