Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Quit

After a very busy non-knitting weekend and many projects looming over me, I've decided to put down this sweater. If I had more time to try to decifer the Danish, I probably would have stayed with it. As it is, I have decided to make closet dividers that match the baby's nursery and some other personalized gifts.

I have other knitting obligations that have to be fulfilled. Today, I will begin and hopefully finish a pair of booties for my daughter's order that is needed on Saturday. I will try to get pictures posted of her entire order tomorrow, which includes handknit pants, an embellished onesie, a hat and booties. I have also begun the knitting of a hat to match this baby tee that is also needed on Saturday.

One day, I will sit down and figure out how the Latte baby sweater should be knit because I really like it. Have a happy Thursday!

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  1. That's too bad. I'm sure it would've been cute. Of course, my Danish isn't really what you would call fluent either ;)


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