Monday, May 16, 2011

F is for Finally, Finished, and Findley

I recently completed this little (big) outfit for an Etsy customer.  The pants are capri length, but the largest that I've ever made.  I think that I should begin the search for a worsted weight yarn if I should ever need to make larger pants again.  My preference for newborn items is stemmed from the fact that they are quicker to knit, but dk weight yarn just doesn't make a truely quick knit.  That is relative, however.  Some may think thay anything in baby sizes makes for a quick knit.

The bottoms of the pants are green picot, but I failed to get a picture of them, so I am showing the picture below in the newborn size.

Now that the order is done, I am able to knit at a more relaxed pace.  I am making booties-a-plenty.  Pictures so be shown soon.  Have a super Monday!

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