Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saartje's Booties

I awakened this morning with Saartje's booties on my mind and decided to give them a shot.  I was thinking that when next I have to attend a baby shower (hopefully the baby will be a girl) I will be ready.  The pattern is pretty simple, but there is a bit of confusion concerning how to do the long-tail cast on for row 25.

I simply tied on another strand of the same color and untied it after I cast on the required 10 stitches, making sure to keep the temporary yarn towards me--just as you would keep the non-working end towards you when casting on normally for the long-tail cast on method.

I crochet the button holes with my working yarn and still there are lots of ends to be woven.  I've started weaving and I know that I would not like that big  seam on the bottom of my foot.  It's a good thing that wee little newborns don't need to stand.  The shoe is super cute, but the seam (I don't mind seaming) is a bit undesirable.   I will show another picture when they are completed.  I would like to say that will be tomorrow, but I ride on the waves of Etsy demands.

Have a terrific Thursday!!

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  1. Hullo there!
    Would you mind explaining a bit more what you mean by tying on another bit of yarn? I've come to the dreaded row 25 and am every bit as stumped as I was the first time I tried (and frogged!) these booties.
    Thanks ever so!


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