Friday, July 22, 2011

Toddler Socks

By far, I would say that these toddler socks have been the most enjoyable knit to date!  They look pretty tiny, but they measure  6" from foot to toe.  I had to bribe one of the little girls at church with a piece of gum to get her to try them on and her mom loved them.  I promised to make her a pair, and I regret that I only bought one skein of this yarn.  It has been discontinued and I couldn't find more--not even on Ravelry, which is my go-to source for most discontinued yarn.

The clear Regia rain boots arrived the same week that I ordered them, and I just love them.  Sadly, the sizes that I ordered are too large for this sock.  I will have to order the smallest pair and a couple of larger pair.  I'm very excited over the idea of making more fun kiddie socks.

I was suprised to get such an exact match for the socks, even the loops match perfectly.  Normally, when making socks with two skeins I measure the yarn repeats and make sure to put my slipknot in the same place.  In this case, the yarn was one big skein and I only haphazardly cut off one color repeat and jumped right in.  It worked out and the compulsion  to have matching socks was satisfied.

That's all that I have for now--although I do have lots more, but haven't taken pics.  Have a super weekend!

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  1. Can I ask where you got the rain boots please can't seem to find them in the UK


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