Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mrs. Brak's Baby Sack

I will be hosting a baby shower next weekend and wanted to knit something for the baby.  I put this pattern (Ravelry link)  in my Ravelry favs sometime ago.  I wanted to do something different, and I thought I'd go with it.  The pattern is very simple and includes much stockinette.

I've just completed the raglan increases and will now settle into mindless knitting.  I just hope that I don't get bored with it because I would like to get it completed by Thursday.  Since I am hosting, there is much other work to do regarding the shower and I can't afford to put all of my time and effort into the baby sack.  Did I know about this shower that I am hosting some time ago?  Do women not carry  children for 9 months?  Of course I did, of course they do.  Maybe it just doesn't mean as much to me unless I wait until the last minute.

I will set a daily goal.  Maybe 15 rounds a day?...

Have a super Saturday!

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