Monday, April 30, 2012

Hang it Up!

I have a friend who is young, but is somewhat of an old soul as some say.  She really likes crochet hangers and so I decided to make her a gift.  Spud and Chloe has a free patern.   I went to Tuesday Morning and purchased a set of hangers that had an atrocious design on them.  I guess it wasn't that bad... Anyway.  I removed the old fabric design and covered it with a fun crocheted fabric.

Then, I thought what more could I do... I decided to cover a pant hanger as well. It was a quick project (the best kind). She really liked them and says that the pants did not get a hanger fold, which was my goal. Anyone (who can crochet, that is) can do it. If you have some batting around your house, add it to the pant hanger and even further insure no pant fold lines!

I have other things to post about.  I'll try not to wait a whole month to do it.  I've become such a slothful, bad blogger.

Have a marvelous Monday!!!

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