Friday, August 28, 2009

I Let Go

When I dyed yarn the other day, I let my hair down on the last skein. I threw caution to the wind and put down all math, calculations, and schematics. Let me tell you ... it was so hot in that garage and I was hungry and tired. I was looking at that last skein of yarn with a bad attitude. So I just started dyeing it. Interestingly, I liked it the best.

I was anxious to see what it would look like knitted. Yesterday, I took time away from making that baby shower gift (by the way, the shower is tomorrow, and I'm still not done) and knitted up a swatch in the round to get a feel for what the sock would look like.

It's a sad situation. When I dyed it, I kept thinking no pooling, no pooling, no pooling. It doesn't pool either. It kind of looks as if there are leopard spots in sporatic places on the sock. NOT CUTE! So, It will have to go back into the dyepot. I may just immerse the whole thing in brown.

I won't get to make the other two into hanks until some time next week. I think the dye jobs on those are better. One of them may need to be re-painted. I tried to make it semi-solid. It is, but some spots may be lighter than what I want. Have a good weekend.

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