Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yarn Swift

If ever I need to purchase something that is new to me or that may be somewhat expensive, you can gaurantee that I am going to research, research, and research. I have wanted a yarn swift for some time now and I went into the Ravelry forums to see what everyone is saying about the swift that they have chosen.

Many have made their own and there is a free pattern on Ravelry to do so. Many have used tinker toys and also made their own. Some have had their spouses to make them. Some have gotten theirs from Knit Picks, who has one right now on sale for only $50.00. I saw an Ebay store selling one for $40.00. The cost of the swifts were good, but I always consider shipping and add that the the final cost to determine if I've made a good deal.

Finally, I read about this swift made by an Etsy seller. I have a heart towards Etsians as I am one myself. Don't get me wrong, I didn't just commit to buy. I researched what people had said about this swift and after reading many good things, I bought it. The swift was only $19.95 and shipping was $11.00, so I got it for a total of $30.95. YAY! I feel like a grown-up knitter now. All I need is a yarn ball winder and a scale.

I will endeavor to post pictures tomorrow of something. I am working on a few things right now. Have a blessed day!

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