Saturday, August 8, 2009

Free Gift

First of all, did you see that my post from August 6 does not have spaces between the paragraphs? I am blogger challenged. When I post with pictures, I don't put spaces between the paragraphs because somehow they automatically appear. The more pictures that I upload the more spaces there will be. So, I've gotten into a habit of not putting spaces and look at what happened. Goodness gracious.

Moving along. Look at these precious little booties. I was supposed to post pictures yesterday but, we shopped till we 'bout dropped yesterday. What great fun it was!

I told the buyer of this little set that I would send a free gift. She hasn't returned the capri pants to me yet, but, I will send them back to her with her gift. If she doesn't read this blog, she will be surprised because I never said what it would be.

Well, it's lunch time. Have a wonderful weekend!

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