Thursday, August 6, 2009


August 14 is quickly approaching and I have read, and researched, and re-read. I used to work at the Medicare office which prepared me for dealing with the government's red tape. If you need this info, here is the link.
Now, I am beginning to see the need for my business degree. A new inventory system is being birthed, a new way to log completed items and sales, and of course all of the materials involved are going get some very detailed logging. Microsoft Excel is about to become my buddy. I've had a conversation with the people who will make my new CPSIA tracking clothing labels and I will have them soon.
Back in February, the new laws were making things look pretty glum for the small business, particulary at-home crafters. I praise God that most the materials that I use are exempt from testing. The elastic is encassed and so I'm okay on that too. The only thing that I haven't gotten clarity on is the iron-transfer. It seems to be some sort of plastic. I have some professional grade paper, but you have to use a professional heat press and that, I don't have yet.
In other news, we are approaching tax free weekend in OKC and the inhabitants over here at His Glory Hand Knits Headquarters are pretty dern excited. Actually, I'm the only one over the top excited. The kids are just happy to get new things.
I will post tomorrow with pics of some precious little booties. Have a great Day!

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