Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Day, Some Day

Well, school is soon to start and we are very busy shopping for school clothes and supplies. Not to mention, completing all of the paperwork that is flowing in from all three of the younger kids schools. I have a child in every school of in college, one in high school, one in junior high, and one in elementary.

I have this quilt top that has been sitting folded in my dresser for 5 years now. I told the girls that I will get back to it one day. You know how you stand with your hand stretched salute style over your eyes and squint so that you can see just as far as the eye can see? Well, that is how hard I am looking into the future for the day of finishing this quilt to come. I can't see it. It's way out there. It could be that my grandchild will be a recipient of it. Another thing is, I want to change out all of the bedding and decor in their room. I like a set that I saw at Target yesterday that is pink and brown. I can't even pretend that this will match.

I embroidered some fun things on it that little girls like

Lazy Daisies are fun

My twelve year old really likes the jeans

There is also a matching crocheted throw. Also. not. finished. It's all hovering over me. :)

The fabric for this pillow is where I got the inspiration for the quilt. I also made a valance and chair cover. We have a really nice home decor fabric store here where I purchased the fabric at a discount because it was discontinued.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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