Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas Knitting...

... has begun. My plan is to do some assembly line type knitting on the baby booties. All of the parts are being knit and I will assemble them during some TV time in the evenings. I have the tops and backs for one pair complete and have just started the sole. A trip to my local yarn store is on my to-do list so that I can acquire more yarn in Christmas colors. I also may make matching hats.

The baby pants are being made in the 12 months size. I don't think I will make them 12 - 18 months since they will likely not get that much wear. These will be listed in my Etsy store as made per order. I don't want to stock a lot of Christmas pants, but I will make a certain number for the Craft Fair that I will be working in November.

I bought fabric today and I found some that will work well for embellishing the bodysuit that will be worn with those black and white striped pants with the aqua ruffles. Lots to do. Have a super day.

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