Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is There a Statute Of Limitations...

...on giving birthday gifts?

I sure hope not, because this gift is shamefully late. There is a dear young lady that goes to my church who will be the recipient of this gift. I instantly thought of her when I saw this little mesh thing-a-ma-jig to put your tea into. She likes to drink tea and hot chocolate and stuff. So, once I purchased the tea thingy I thought "why not make a teacup cozy"?

I bought the buttons for a baby sweater but didn't use them. It's good to have inventory, or stash, or some people just call it stuff, 'cause you can just go shopping in your own house. ;)

I can say that while I try to never say never, I won't ever make this again. All those ends to weave in for something so small. That is why it is two birthdays late. Oh, my hand is over my mouth! I have now told how pitifully late the gift is. Oh Well, happy belaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated birthday Ashley! To everyone else, have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. You know they say that anything worth having is worth waiting for...Well, that's true!

    I absolutely love my gift, especially because of all the love, thoughtfulness, and hard work you poured into making it so special! Such beautiful craftsmanship, indeed!

    As the seasons change from summer to fall, I start to get a "bug" for hot chocolate or hot tea right after dinner. It's a ritual that usually doesn't end until the spring.

    My new teacup cozy has revived my excitement about coming home and unwinding after a long, laborious day. I happily anticipate curling up on the couch with my hot cocoa and enjoying the sweet God-given peace I experience at home.

    You know, it's so amazing how the "little things" in life can bring one so much joy.

    You say "late", I say "right on time."

    Thank you so much!

    I love you,


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