Friday, September 4, 2009

One Of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Last night when I sat down to seam these pants I was feeling so accomplished. I had reskeined two hanks of dyed yarn and dyed one. These things were, of course, done in addition to taking people to and fro, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the general needs of running a household. So, let me say that to also get the chance to seam these pants was, in my opinion, phenomenal.

Sing with me.... I'm every woman. It's all in me. blah, blah, and etc.... That elusive frog keeps coming to my house. This time he didn't ring the doorbell. He came on in unannounced. I sat down and starting seaming and alas, what is this? Why don't my legs line up? Oh. No. One leg is shorter than the other. Where is the mistake? At the beginning. I knit 1/4th out of 4/4th legs wrong. It is shorter than the rest. Nothing to do but pull it out. Frog it and reknit it. The whole front side. No. Not the whole front, just 3/4ths of it.

I'm a grown-up knitter. No crying or whining, or kicking, or screaming, nope.... I just smile and cast, two, three...

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