Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Skein and Re-skein

The last few days have been busy with re-skeining dyed yarn. As promised, I am showing a few of the colorways. I will show my absolute favorite sometime later in the week. The blue yarn is going to be used for my Socktoberfest socks. This year, Lolly is combining Socktoberfest with Project Spectrum and the chosen color is blue.

I named it September's baby. It is a semi-solid dyed in Saffire with variations of the color throughout. As it happens, my birthday is in September and I will make myself some birthday socks in October. Does anyone have any good pattern ideas for me? I'd like something challenging, but not so challenging that I could not complete them by the end of October.

This next yarn was especially fun to dye, I mixed sun yellow and brown and so this yarn reminds me of fall. I am naming this yarn Changing Leaves. My monitor is not doing it the justice it deserves. It is very pretty.

This next yarn was dyed in two different dye sessions. I marked off eight sections and four of those were to be left white. What I have found to be interesting and maddening is that the dye had somehow make it's way to the middle of the white. How crazy is that? For that reason, I painted all the supposed-to-be-white places turquoise. This yarn is very child-like and I've named it Child's Play.

On a side-note, I purchased six 100g skeins of Supersock for my base. Every skein, but one, has at least two knots and some weak spots. I have been appalled and will not buy it again. Just wanted to get that out. =(

I don't know if I will dye this week. My focus has turned back to baby knitting and Etsy. I'm out. Have a wonderful day.

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