Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Pretty Things

The yarn from the last dye job has dried and I will get it reskeined soon, but I just wanted to show you how it turned out.

First of all, the bad dye job originally shown here turned out beautifully with the dark brown overdye. It still has the purple in it, but it is now very dark and accents the brown nicely.

Secondly, the fall-ish colored yarn is also an overdye. It started out as a yellow semi-solid. When I took it out of the pan to rinse it, I unknowingly had traces of red dye on my hands from cleaning after some of the other yarn that I will show you later. Ughh! Yet, I rebounded and thought to add brown and yellow dye together in the cup, which made a beautiful golden ochre, then because of the red spots, I added red, and because it was so pretty and Thanksgiving-looking, I added dark brown. Also, this yarn is heavenly, it is a two-ply tight twist superwash merino. Very soft. I am anxious to see the knitted fabric in both of these. Once I get the samples knit, I will certainly post pictures.

Dyeing yarn is, like knitting, addictive. I thoroughly enjoy it. I need duplicates of myself. One to knit, one to dye, one to sew, one to clean the house, etc... Well, since there is only one of me, I had better get back to work. Have a great day!

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