Thursday, October 22, 2009

Phase II

When I opened my Etsy store, I had planned to eventually open another store selling items that I also really enjoy making.

Now, I have decided to phase those items into my current store and see how they move. I have hand painted yarn, some of which will be discounted due to knots which were in the base yarn when I received it from my supplier. Although there are knots, the dyeing went well and the colors are very pretty. It will be somewhat of a hassle though, to break the yarn and tie it on again. Anyway, some of the yarn has been dyed to match bags and will be offered as sets. The yarn shown above has been dyed to match either of the first and last bags shown below. With all sets purchased, a free gift will be given.

Here are some of the bags. These bags are pretty labor intensive, which seems to be my way of doing things. Those little baby booties that I make are also laborious. Anyway, the bags will be added to the store.

Also, keep on the look-out for the knitting project books (crochet books are currently being typed and will be available very soon). They have been completed and I feel that they deserve a post of their own. I like them a great deal, and I believe that you will like them as well.

In celebration of all these new and exciting things, I will be hosting a GIVE-AWAY tomorrow! Details will be given tomorrow on how to enter and how the selection will be made for the winner.

Have a wonderful day.

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