Monday, February 15, 2010

Gonna Do Something With This

Today I decided to pull out these slipper bottoms and see what I can do with them. I have wanted to make adult sized slippers for some time and I'm not at all sure as to how to go about it. This Tahki Cotton Classic yarn may not be durable enough for adult slippers. It could be that I need to use wool or a wool blend. I'm just going to tinker around with it today and see what happens. I do have some wool blend yarn (packed somewhere) and may try it as well. Most of my day will be spent on this endeavor and I should be able to show some time of progress pictures tomorrow.

In other crafty news, Michala's best friend's birthday was yesterday and we, uhmm, .....I am going to embellish that bag with her nickname. She loves bags, so this will be an ideal gift for her

Okay then, I've got to put hanks into balls or yarn cakes. Probably balls because I don't feel like going through boxes to find my yarn winder and swift. Have a happy Monday!

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