Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Fabric

Quilt Works is, for me, a candy store, where time and responsibility just slips away. My plan is to make more project bags. The plan has been put on hold, however, because I don't seem to have either of the two cutting mats that I had prior to moving.

My craft spaces, (it's nice to be able to put an "s" to indicate multiple spaces) is still unorganized. I really need suitable/cute storage bins. Everything is in either boxes or big plastic bins. No system, no rhyme or reason. Why do "people" say no rhyme or reason? What does it really mean? I don't know, but, in this case, it means that my stuff is a mess!

The fabric with the red/blue dots will be used to embellish baby tees. The rest will be used for bags. I guess I will have to buy new cutting mats. I'll bet that I find the old ones just as soon as I use the new ones. That sort of thing happens to me ALL of the time!

Have a great day!

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