Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jogless Stripes

I am working on a baby hat this morning that I began last night. It is true that everyone learns differently. I am able to read instructions and understand them pretty well, but I tend to be a visual learner, which is why I can so appreciate the internet with the many tutorials that it offers. Since the hat is striped and I did not want to seam it, I am striping it in the round using the jogless stripes method shown at TECHknitting . This is an excellent tutorial, but I have to say that somehow I could not quite grasp it. Although it is working out for me, I am not executing this the way that she explained. I will not confuse you by saying how I do it, but I will show how it's working out.

The following picture is numbered based on the number of color changes that I have executed. I introduced the light blue and subsequently knit 6 rounds in that color. When knitting in the round with circular needles using Magic Loop, you (or rather, I) use the separation of the stitches to identify the beginning of the round--you know, there are 50% of the stitches on one needle and 50% on the other. Since the needles clearly help to identify the beginning of the round I did not need to put a marker there. I decided to allow my stripes to travel and you will notice that I worked 6 repeats for the light blue color change and my marker has been moved 6 times. The beginning of the round however is stationary. It remains the true beginning of the round and I recognize it by the the loop in the cable and also by the hanging yarn at the bottom, of course :-).

I am now at the beginning row for my 1st decrease round. This is where it becomes a little tricky for the brain. I did not take a picture, but when I began this round, 6 of my stitches are in the darker blue--my brain says "Oh this is not the beginning of the round, but alas it is the end of the last round. But then I have to say "Oh contraire, dear brain don't be such a creature of habit and accept the fact that the loop tells you the beginning and never mind what the yarn says." On a side note, I really like to read books that are set in like the 1800s and such. If you wonder why I use words like alas. My husband says that I am so melodramatic!

Anyway, I began to knit my stitches that would be knit prior to k2tog based on the true beginning and ignored the faux beginning and I am on my way!!! The second picture shows the innards and how the color changes are traveling.. Pretty cool. You (rather I) have to be careful not to pull the yarn to tightly. I am a tight knitter, so it does pose a challenge.

If I stop and consider that I have really changed colors 11 times (which would include counting the darker blue stripes) I get a headache and do not understand, nor can I explain

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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  1. Jogless stripes confuses me. I will probably have to try it while I'm actually making something with stripes so I can see how it goes. Thanks for explaining!


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