Thursday, September 9, 2010

Put A Fork In It...Cause It's Done

I've finished the hat and just wanted to further share some things that I've learned:
First of all, NEVER eat chocolate chip cookies while knitting.
Secondly, when working the jogless stripe method, it's a good idea to work your increase rounds on non-color change rounds. Working them on the same rounds reminded me of this thing that we used to do as kids...pat your head and rub your belly. Too much for the brain!
Thirdly, changing colors and wrapping yarn does not look so good when purling (see the strange sort of gappy purled area)
Last of all, the best thing that I learned was that a marker is not necessary at all in the process. You are able to identify when to next change colors by placement of the last color change. One day, I will do my own tutorial with pictures and you will see how totally easy it is.

That's all I've got. Have a totally terrific, tremendous Thursday!

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