Tuesday, November 9, 2010

While They Were Dancing...

...I was knitting.  Every one of the stars got rave reviews last night by the judges on Dancing With The Stars.  I was suprised that even when they spoke highly of someone, the scores did not always reflect how good they were feeling about the dance.  It made for an entertaining evening of knittting. 

 An Etsy customer has requested double rufffly bottoms on these pants and they are girlie in the making.  They will be worn by the baby for Christmas pictures and the mom wants the onesie embellishment to be festive but not too Christmas-y.   My mind has been all over the place on what to do.  I'm excited about it.  I do love a challenge. 
I have just about completed the front for the pants and I am on schedule.  Actually, I am a day ahead of schedule and If I keep it right, I will be done with the knitting  and ready to seam by next Thursday or Friday.  I have actually had some time to work on my Monkey sock.  I will decrease the toe and get it Kitchenered at some point. 

I am headed to the craft store.  I hope you have a super great day!!

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