Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's On and Click Clack Clickin'

I finally started the knitting on the Ladybugs and Lizards Children's Boutique order.  They have requested 5 hats, 3 pair of booties, and one pair of mittens.  They just want to see how the items will move, and so, it may be, that subsequently they will place another order.  I am having fun  with it.  They have requested certain colors, but have pretty much left the design of things up to me.

This hot pink/chartreuse set is just about finished, although I have not yet knit the shoe bottoms.  After that is done, all of the pieces just need to be sewn and I can mark this one off the list.

I plan to start the hat for this set today.  It will just be a green/blue striped hat with a crocheted brim.  As you can see, I have begun the knitting of the shoe bottoms for this set.

I have been getting inquiries about Grace's bag for Christmas gifts from people at her school.  Of course, I said that I could make them.    I have an order from one of the ladies at church for some key fobs(I only sell those locally and have never put them in my Etsy shop).  I have a custom order for hand knit baby pants and a coordinating onese.  My list of to-do's is steadily growing.  I see some sleepless nights in my future. 

Until the next post,  I bid you adieu!

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  1. You really are busy! But those little blue shoes are just SO cute!


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