Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Peace

Oklahoma's signature football team is the University of Oklahoma Sooners.  Our arch rival is the Texas Longhorns.  A common siteing on cars here is to see a Longhorn symbol turned upside-down--which means anti-Longhorns.   What has this got to do with anything?  Stay with me.  I will explain.

Of the 3 birthdays in October, somebody in this house was going to get a handmade gift.  As it turns out, the last of the 3 was the recipient of such a gift.  We celebrated my youngest daughter's birthday yesterday.  I had promised her a new book bag for school and a birthday gives me just the inspiration to get it done.  So, I followed my own tutorial of how to get it done.  Not really.   :-)  It's so easy, no notes are necessary.  In fact, it's so easy I was on the telephone the entire time that I was embellishing the bag because I am a multi-tasker you see.

Now, I come back to the upside-down Longhorn.  I didn't even notice, but this morning Grace says, "I like the upside-down peace sign."  I say, what?  She repeats it.  I said Arrrrrg!  I really dislike unrepairable mistakes.  I thought,  what does it mean?  Anti-peace?

Have a wonderous Wednesday. 

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