Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knitterly Christmas

I am interrupting the silence of this blog to tell you of my sporatic last minute desire to knit Christmas gifts. 

I was sitting on the couch last Tuesday, December 21 around 9:00 a.m., and from whence I don't know where came an overwhelming, overcoming need to knit something for my immediate family, which includes my husband and 4 kiddos.  So, as a result of this strong desire, I got myself up off the couch and headed to my local yarn shop.  The people there were very glad to see me, and they encouraged me to fullfil my overwhelming, overcoming desire to make those gifts.  I purchased my yarn (and some size 8 circulars, which I am still unsure that I needed, and came home and immediately started to knit.

My oldest daughter had asked for a pair of fingerless gloves a little while ago.  So, of course, that is what she got.  I made a pair of  Knitty's Fetching:

I used Dream Baby by Plymouth which is 100% acrylic and wonderfully soft.  She is allergic to wool. I got them made in one day, but waited and worked the thumbs on Saturday.

For my two younger daughters, I made two not so slouchy, slouchy hats with flowers.  I used Berocco comfort because one of them is also allergic to wool:

Next I made my husband a hat using the Turn A Square pattern by Jared Flood.  It can be found in Ravelry's patterns.

My husband really likes earthtones.  I started out striping the hat, but I don't know that he likes stripes, seeing as he doesn't currently own any striped hats.

In all of my sneak, sneak, sneakyness I also made my son the same hat.  I had him to try on his dad's 'cause I wanted to see if the number that was cast on would work for his hat.  His got all of the attention at church on Sunday.  I have had about 7 people to ask for this hat now.

Berocco Vintage
Gray and White

Ironically, all of the hats made had a cast on of 88 stitches. 

 I think that I'm going to take a little break from knitting.  I made all 5 projects in 5 days, not counting Saturday which was used to put the thumbs on the Fetchings.  No knitting, until next week.  That is about as long as I can go, I think. :-D

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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