Thursday, January 31, 2013

Closet Dividers

I am soon to reach 3,000 sales and I'd like to say that I've learned a lot during the past 2 years.  As the name of my business indicates, my original idea was to sell hand knitted items.  I have a love for so many crafty things and when I stumbled upon the idea to make closet dividers, I had no idea how well they would go over.  At this point, I may need to consider changing my company's name. LOL.

Initially, I made the designs on my computer and then outsourced  printing with either FedEx or Office Depot.  At that time, I was cutting the designs by hand , but I now have an electronic cutter...boy am I grateful for technology!!

 For over two years, I have purchased my label paper from  Online  The company sells a variety of colors and styles.  The paper quality is excellent.  It takes ink superbly well.  Best of all, the price is great. There is no minimum quantity,  and you are allowed request free samples.  The people who work there have always been very kind and helpful.  They have (in me) a customer for life!  I highly recommend this company for both business and personal needs.

Anyway, at the first of the year, it's good to reflect and see just how far you've come.  How good God has been.  I am grateful.  Thank you to all of my customers.  Just so you know...I'm still knitting. :-)

Have a teriffic Thursday.

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