Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fancy Smancy Pants

bad picture taking (see the sides of the board?)

These pants have been done for quite some time. There was a matching long-sleeved body suit that said "just a lil' bling" and it had fur on the sleeves. Before my job closed, a lady there bought the shirt. I have been planning to recreate it. So, maybe I will do that before I list the pants on etsy.

I've made a considerable amount of progress on my mother's sock. Once I get to the toe decreases I am going to switch to the other sock and turn the heel. I cannot actually work on the socks simultaneously because there is only one size 1 circ. That reminds me that a knitpicks order is needing to be made. I need.... uhm .... want, quite a few things.

I got some fabric today for knitting project bags. Maybe I will get a chance to cut them out tomorrow and get them sewn on Saturday. I'm changing the pattern a little. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Have a happy Thursday.

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