Friday, July 10, 2009

Think Pink ... and Green

I received an order from a local customer yesterday, and when I took the pants out for the final perusal, I didn't like them. The seaming on the outside of the left leg was kinda wierd. I attempted to fix it. Now. I. really. dislike. them. If I wouldn't buy them, I won't sell them.

So, I decided to cast on last night for a new pair. I've completed about half of the front side. These pink and green pants will be paired with a sweet little pink and green owl onesie. Thank you to Stephanie for the order. I hope she likes them.

I will be headed to my lys The Gourmet Yarn Company tomorrow. It's a great store with very friendly and fun people. I'm not going to buy anything. I will be going with Ivy (she's the young lady that I'm currently teaching to knit socks). Well, maybe I shoud say that I'm not planning to buy anything. TGIF. ;0

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