Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DIY Niddy Noddy

The dye job was fun yesterday. I like the colors and I am anxious to see how the schematics will look in the knitted fabric. Today, while pondering over how to change my dyed hanks into re-skeined hanks, it occured to me that I have yet another item to purchase. So, I went onto the handy-dandy internet and found out how to make one myself. This was amazingly easy.
I found the "how-to" here and made a trip to Home Depot where they were nice enough to cut the pieces for me. I spent $1.56 on the pipe and $.33 cents on each of the t-shaped pieces. What a deal! I have enough pipe left to make another 18" noddy and about a 12" noddy.
I hope to show you the re-skeined hanks tomorrow. I have a baby shower this weekend and I will be working on a gift for that. My poor neglected Etsy store. I will have to switch priorities next week for sure. Have a good day.

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