Monday, August 17, 2009

One Sock, Two Blockers

It's quite liberating to knit socks without a pattern. These socks are probably my eighth pair to knit and I can just now say that I completely understand the anatomy of a sock. Previously, I was a slave to some pattern. I even had to use a pattern after the leg portion of the purple socks, although I consider them to have been knit in my own pattern.

My Knit Picks order came and I am proud to be the owner of a pair of sock blockers. Normally, when I take on a new hobby, I will purchase everything needed. With knitting, it's been different because I have learned to make things in levels. When I first started, I remember thinking I will NEVER make a sweater, but I have made three. With each new project comes the need for new tools and accessories. It is good that I have made my passion my occupation. It is also good that I have a very supportive husband who encourages me to stay home and pursue it.

I actually have been working on baby pants, but with many distractions. I hope to post pictures tomorrow. Due to the new CPSIA laws, I won't embellish the bodysuits with iron-on transfer any longer, so I'm going to see how it will be to embroider. That will certainly be more time consuming. There is so much time already being taken with the knitting. It will be quicker though, I think, than knitting sweaters. I could continue with the iron-on transfers, but would have to pay for testing. That is not feasible for me at this time. Maybe later.

Back to the socks. I will turn the heel on the other sock and have a completed pair soon. There is only about weeks left to work on them. Have a good day everyone.

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