Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vine and Leaf Beret

Everytime I would come across the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting, that pink beret would beckon to me so I went ahead bought the magazine and yarn on Friday. Since I rarely wear hats, ('cause I don't think that I look good in them) my hope is that I will love it on my own head as much as on the cover model's head.

I cast on for it on Saturday and I've already knit the band and worked the increases. Today I will try to get at least one total repeat done.

I substituted the Debbie Bliss cashmerino for Naturally Caron.com Spa which is a bamboo blend. It is very soft, but also very splitty. When I did the gauge swatch I really liked how well it showed the stitch definition, and so although I don't like how it easily splits, I like the finished product. In fact the ball band says that it has superior 3-D stitches, shape control, and softness. I would concur!

We are nearing Socktoberfest and I have about 4 patterns in which to decide upon. I might have to make more than one pair, although I know that I would not complete them all by the end of October. I'm kind of a slow knitter because I won't sit still long enough to stay with one craft. While I'm knitting, I'm thinking about sewing, or something else.

Maybe I will get a chance to show progress pictures of the beret at the end of the week, if my camera says the same. Poor camera. I dropped it and it is sickly. That little shutter eye opens and closes like it's saying, " I'm trying" and then it poops out and stays closed. Poor thing. :(

Have a good day everyone.

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  1. Hello my dear! Glad to have made a new friend on Ravelry..my oldest daughter is making this hat as well. She is stuck right now on her first decrease row.. we think she has messed up somewhere which is so discouraging since she is doing so well for being beginner knitters.. so off to the knit shop we will go to ask for help.. other than that this is a BEAUTIFUL hat to make!! Praying all goes well with yours.


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