Monday, October 12, 2009

Beret - 80% Done

The last time I posted about this beret, I stated that I would work 1 set of the 8-row repeat every Saturday until the hat had been completed. I wasn't thinking that I would need my only size 3 circular needles. I need them for baby items. So I did two sets of the 8-row repeat and made a lot of progess on the hat on Saturday.

The pattern is very well written and as long as you keep your place, it is a very enjoyable knit. I would not use this yarn again, however. Too splitty. It would be a good yarn for something in plain old stockinette. Although the stitch detail is sharp, it's almost an oxymoron that you would use it for any intricate type knitting. That, of course, is my own lowly opinion. It has gotten pretty cold here in OKC. It's time to pull out the winter woolies.

Have a great day!

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