Friday, October 9, 2009

It's A Wrap

Well, I've sucessfully completed about half of my toe-up sock. My view point on it up to this point would be:

1) the short-row toe, it doesn't look "clean" enough for me
2) having to pick up an extra stitch after working the short-rows

1) the short-row heel
2) how fast you get through the heel because you didn't have to work a heel flap and gussetts

So far, I have decided that my next sock may be knitted cuff-down with a short-row heel. I also may try the figure 8 cast on for toe-up before I completely rule out toe-up.

I'm headed to the kitchen to get some lunch, and then to the back room for some sewing. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I am excited to see your progress they look real good, you'll be done in no time. I am excited about the baby shower gift. I am glad to give you my business b/c I would just spend money somewhere else but who better to give my business than you. Aside from Pop I may be just right next in line to believe in you and this business. God Bless!!!


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