Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Brother!

I am giving the Brother sewing machine a work-out. I am sewing as fast as I can in preparation for the meeting with Keely (owner of Sealed With a Kiss Yarn Shop). There is some yarn that was dyed on my break from sewing and it's sitting in the garage waiting to be rinsed. In between all this sewing and dyeing I get a chance to eat every now and then. I've been so busy that I think that I've lost some weight. Can't be mad about that!
The quilted fabric that I used for this brown and blue bag is heavier than all of the others. I prefer the others though, because of the ease of construction. I had to change needle size to make this one, as it has more density, even though the quilt sandwich itself is actually thinner.

Also, with this bag, I went ahead and sewed in my label. I really don't know that I will permanently attach the name His Glory Hand Knits to the yarn, bags, and books. It will have to do for now because I will have to order more labels, plus I haven't thought of a new name yet.

Some of the bags that I am making will also eventually be listed with Etsy. I am trying not to over-extend myself. Have a terrific Tuesday.

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