Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knittin' For Little A Noggin'

Well, I've been a bad, bad blogger and though I haven't been posting to this most neglected blog, I have been doing some baby knitting. This hat was fun to make and I combined a little crochet with the knitting. Initially I thought to add a knit brim, but I would have had to double it in order to make it sturdy. Since crochet is quite sturdy, I tried it...and...I like it.

I have another on the needles and I am anxious to finish it so that I can start yet another.

I've gone into another area of home business and knitting has become secondary for a while. These little hats are quick and gratifying. I will continue to make them and embellish onesies for now.

I pulled out of the boutique that I had consigned with, and these new items will be listed in my Etsy shop. I'm revamping things. I do still have lots of baby pants and I will embellish onesies to match them. I will probably reduce the price and I am considering discontinuing the making of them.

Hey, have you seen the new items in my Etsy shop? Yes, the closet dividers. They will make for a unique and lasting baby shower gift. They may be handed down or around for many years.


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog. You are very talented and creative! Your baby things are darling. I knit, but am not great at it..yet. I'm still working at it, though. ;-)

  2. Thank you Renna. Yes, keep working at it. Practice makes perfect.


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