Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things that begin with the letter "S"

Shoes, shower and sleep. I made shoes. I went to a shower. I got very little sleep because I decided to make these little shoes at the comtotalpletely last minute. I purchased the pattern late in the evening and did not get into bed until around 3:oo a.m. Then I got up at 7:00 a.m. to make the other shoe--on the day of the shower, which seems to be my way.

This is my first time purchasing a pattern and also my first time crocheting baby shoes. The pattern can be found here (nonRaverly), Ravelry. They are way cute, and worth all of the missed sleep. I made the newborn size with Cotton-Ease in Taupe and Sea Spray. My friend has a baby boy and so I embellished a bodysuit with a tie to complete the gift.

I hope that your Tuesday is everything that you want it to be! Have a great one!!


  1. Those shoes look great! What a cute set for a baby gift!

  2. Thanks Andrea! They are fun to make and I highly recommend the pattern.

  3. You're welcome! Your work always looks so professional though :)
    What is the pattern called? I'm thinking I may want to buy it.

  4. The pattern is Little Button Loafers by Sylvia Schuchardt. Your work also looks very professional and so you're up to the task! It is certainly worth the money.

  5. Darling! Love the complete set! What a great idea- to embellish the onesie :o)


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