Friday, January 28, 2011


I asked Paige, my oldest daughter, this question: "Paige, do you think orange and yellow are colors more suited for a boy or girl?"  Her reply was "I'm sorry mom, orange and yellow makes me think of candy corn."  "I don't like orange and yellow."  I'm wondering now, could it be that if she liked candy corn she would like orange and yellow?   That is totally not the point.  Are these colors better suited for a boy or a girl?   

Since I could not get an answer and the implication was just that I should not have made a pair of orange and yellow pants, I decided to make a gender neutral object to embellish the onesie.
I had great fun (maybe it wasn't that great--or fun, because it took a long time to find fabric that worked with this yellow/orange combination).  However, it was very gratifying to find fabric to match, please note that the ribbon is orange with yellow polkadots AND the fabric is orange with yellow polkadots.
Please tell me what you think fellow bloggers.  Boy or girl?  For those of you who have followed my Monkey Sock Saga, I'm near the point of closing the toe and it's looking like I'm going to run out of yarn.  Any comments of sympathy will be well received. ;-0

Have a super weekend!!

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