Friday, February 4, 2011

Diana's Blossom Scarf - The Beginning

Well, I have been inside since Monday.   Oklahoma City is pretty much on "lock-down."  It is snowing right now and the forecast states that there is more to come.

All of this snow, ice, and bitter cold caused me to think of  my lovely Malabrigo yarn and crochet scarf pattern that I won from my blogger friend, Andrea,  over at Life On Laffer.  This is her very own published pattern. Go Andrea!!  I don't know who the heck Diana is.

The Malabrigo yarn is scrumptous.  Sooooo soft.  I can't imagine that anyone would have problems with it being scratchy.  Although people with wool allergy may still have a problem.  All of my life, I have been allergic to wool.  I couldn't  walk by it in the stores even.  My eyes would start to burn.  My tongue would itch.  My throat would threaten to close (just a little).  If I touched it, my skin would burn like fire had touched me.  That all changed when I started knitting.  I told myself--"Self, you are not allergic to wool".  I believed myself and now I am knitting with this lovely yarn.

Drink lots of hot chocolate and stay warm!

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  1. I hope it turns out well. And by the way, I don't know who Diana is either!


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