Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mmm Mmm Malibrigo!

In an earlier post I  showed a picture of the beginning of my  Diana's Blossom Scarf.  I pulled it out this morning and decided to make mine a cowl instead.  I chained 100 stitches, joined in the round and it is well underway.  The Malibrigo yarn is wonderful,  and the simplicity of the pattern, makes for a  quick project.  I anticipate that I will finish sometime today.  Oklahoma City is now warm during the day and cool at night, so this lacy cowl will get much use throughout the next months.

I hope to show a finished object pic tomorrow.  I don't know of  anything that would hinder me from getting this done today, so let's just count on it!

Have a terrific Thursday!

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